Virtual Neuroscience Conference for Teenagers Invitation

Dear Teachers,

I am contacting you regarding a virtual neuroscience conference I am planning for teenagers and would like to invite your class and students. 

An online conference is an engaging opportunity to teach high school students more about neuroscience. Well known US neuroscientists and top university professors from Harvard, Yale and more are invited. The live stream will be streamed on Zoom and made available via a Youtube live stream. Short 30 minute lectures will be offered with corresponding powerpoint presentations on topics attached in the pdfs. The pdfs have the professors listed, their lecture titles and descriptions, and the exact timeline of the day.

The date is May 21st, Thursday from 11am EST.

If you are interested in this conference, please contact me under to confirm and approximate the number of participants. I will send you the youtube link to the stream the day prior per email. 

Thank you for your help, as a past organizer of Brain Awareness Week with over 500 high school participants, I can tell you that neuroscience information is of great interest to teens around the world.

(The event is completely free of charge)