About Me

18 year old high school student Szintia Szert was born in Hungary and now lives in Salzburg, Austria. She has been investigating neuroscience since 8th grade when she began to read about her own developing adolescent brain. 2018 summer she studied neuroscience at the University of Chicago and interned in the neuroscience lab at University of Debrecen where she learned to remove the spinal cord of a mouse. 2019 summer, Szintia participated in an addiction neuroscience course at Harvard University with Dr. Alan Francis. 2020 summer, she participated in the Tufts Summer Research Experience in Professor Keith Maddox’s Social Cognition Lab. Here the research question was, “Can satirical humor about race encourage people to engage in deeper exploration and analysis of racial issues?” 

Szintia organized a Brain Awareness Week Event in 2019 in Debrecen, Hungary and received a grant from the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies to develop these projects for other teenagers. She also assisted Brain Awareness Week in Salzburg. Her 2020 Brain Awareness Week event was held virtually in September, which also received a FENS/Dana grant.

Szintia is the first and only high school member of Young ANA, which promotes neuroscience activities in Austria. She is the only high school member of FENS (24.000 members) as well, and a member of SfN. In her role, she is committed to bringing the wisdom of current neuroscience professors from around the world to the web to guide other neuroscience obsessed students.

Contact Szintia here if you would like to contribute to Neuroscience for Teenagers.