Brain Cancer Linked to Tissue Healing

January 4, 2021
Summary: Study reports brain tumors may arise when damaged brain tissue does not heal correctly. Researchers say some glioblastoma form when the normal healing process gets derailed by mutations. This process could begin many years before patients become symptomatic of brain cancer. Source: University of Toronto

Common Brain Malformation Traced to Its Genetic Roots

January 4, 2021
Summary: Chiari 1 malformation, a common brain disorder, appears to be caused to two genetic mutations associated with brain development. Source: WUSTL

Brain Imaging Predicts PTSD After Brain Injury

December 29, 2020
Summary: Smaller brain volumes in the cingulate cortex, insular, and superior frontal cortex predict an increased likelihood of developing PTSD three months after brain injury. Source: Elsevier

Cellular Connections Found Between Nervous and Immune Systems

December 17, 2020
Summary: Researchers have identified a direct cellular interaction between the nervous system and the immune system. Pain sensing neurons around the lymph nodes can modulate lymph node activity. Source: Broad Institute

To the Brain, Reading Computer Code Is Not the Same as Reading Language

December 15, 2020
Summary: Interpreting computer code activates general-purpose brain networks, but not language processing areas. Source: MIT

Building machines that better understand human goals

December 14, 2020
Summary: A new algorithm capable of inferring goals and plans could help machines better adapt to the imperfect nature of human planning. Source: Rachel Gordon | MIT CSAIL

Brains Work Harder While Processing Descriptions of Motion in Other Languages

December 9, 2020
Summary: Our brains work harder to process information when we read about movement in a way that is not typical of our native languages. Source: Georgia State University

How the Brain Distinguishes Fact From Possibility

December 7, 2020
Summary: The human brain contains a perspective-adjusted neural representation for factual information and more elusive cortical signaling representing the computations of possibilities. Source: SfN

The Tree of Cortical Cell Types Describes the Diversity of Neurons in the Brain

December 2, 2020
Summary: Study provides the most detailed and complete characterization of diversity in neural types in the brain to date.

Cocoa Flavanols Boost Brain Oxygenation and Cognition in Healthy Adults

November 24, 2020
Summary: Those exposed to cocoa flavanols performed better at cognitive tests and showed increases in brain oxygenation. Source: University of Illinois Cocoa Flavanols Boost Brain Oxygenation and Cognition in Healthy Adults – Neuroscience News