Controlling attention with brain waves

December 4, 2019
Summary:Study shows that people can boost attention by manipulating their own alpha brain waves. Source:Anne Trafton, MIT News Office December 4, 2019

Brain’s reward region helps to supply resilience in the face of stress

December 2, 2019
Summary:Rats that lose their zest for life after tough times show changes in a key brain area, but resilient rats do not. Source: J. Neurosci. (2019), 02 December 2019

Producing better guides for medical-image analysis

November 26, 2019
Summary:Model quickly generates brain scan templates that represent a given patient population. Source:Rob Matheson, MIT News Office November 26, 2019

The microscope makers putting ever-larger biological samples under the spotlight

November 26, 2019
Summary:Microscopy has been a trade-off until now: the bigger the sample, the lower the resolution. But picking out cellular detail in mouse brains and more is becoming increasingly possible. Source:Jeffrey M. Perkel, 26 November 2019

How the brain decides to punish or not

November 22, 2019
Summary: The bilateral claustrum, right inferior frontal gyrus, and left superior frontal gyrus remain active during activities involving social punishment. Source: National Research University Higher School of Economics November 22, 2019

Daily briefing: Why cigarette smoking increases the risk of diabetes

October 18, 2019
Summary:In mice, nicotine seems to mess with the signalling pathway that links the brain to the pancreas. Plus: a second scientist has moved closer to creating gene-edited babies and we remember the first person to walk in space. Source:Flora Graham, 18 October 2019

First evidence of immune response targeting brain cells in autism

October 17, 2019
Summary: Examining postmortem brains of ASD patients, researchers discover an accumulation of immune cells surrounding blood vessels in the brain. They also found blebs accumulating around blood vessels that contained astrocyte debris. The findings suggest autism may be an autoimmune disorder. October 17, 2019 Source: BIDMC

How treacherous brain cells aid cancer’s invasion

October 10, 2019
Summary:The neural cells called astrocytes feed the brain’s own fat to metastatic cancer cells. Source:Cancer Discov. (2019) 10 October 2019

New method visualizes groups of neurons as they compute

October 9, 2019
Summary:Fluorescent probe could allow scientists to watch circuits within the brain and link their activity to specific behaviors. Source:Anne Trafton, MIT News Office October 9, 2019

Prominent German neuroscientist committed misconduct in ‘brain-reading’ research

September 21, 2019
Summary:German funding agency imposes strict sanctions on Niels Birbaumer, whose studies it says contained incomplete data — but Birbaumer stands by his results. Source: 21 September 2019